Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Work in progress

This trio of doodlings are the latest in the FRANKENSTEINS CAT art show series. Obviously we're a way off completion yet but, as with the previous three, I'll try and scan them as I go along to show their development. Am currently undecided about the title on "FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH PART NINE". Quick straw poll from you lovely people if you have an opinion on this - what would look best?

FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH or FRIDAY 13TH? I tried it with roman numerals already and that in itself was distracting. The "13TH" would certainly free things up from looking cramped, but the "THIRTEENTH" ties things in with the NINE below. Sorry if I'm babbling - opinions?

Off to MIPCOM this coming weekend. If anyone will be over in Cannes at said market do let me know and give me a shout and we'll be sure to hook up for a mocha chocca latte ya ya!

Bada Bling!


dragonhead said...

Wow! I'm loving the "Fantastic Captain Bat" piece! :D

Hm... 13th vs Thirteenth. That's a hard choice. You could always combine them to make 3teenth ;) .

Anonymous said...

from a design layout point of view it would look better as Friday 13th as it would look less squashed. Also, the Friday 13th films used '13th' rather than thirteenth

Great drawings by the way

Bristol Andy

Anonymous said...

good, good
more, more!

Tim Bye said...

Could do Friday Furteenth! Sorry just kidding! Great work - looking forward to the finished paintings!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Curtis - my vote is for 13th as the more you stare at the word thirteenth you weirder it looks!

Will you let me know how much things cost when you know how much things cost? I'd certinaly like something from my solo episodes, though I love The Wall best which I only wrote some of!

Besterest - Anonymous Alan Gilbey

Belf said...

I think 13th rather than 'thirteenth' works better!

All this stuff looks great Curtis, hope you're well, and hope to see you at a festival soon. Are you going to any next month?


Ken said...

I love your characters!

Captain bat! haha

Anonymous said...

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