Monday, December 16, 2013

Final event of the year - Brownedge St Mary's High School

Great final school event of the year, and rather local too, Bamber Bridge outside of Preston. It was my absolute pleasure to visit Brownedge St Mary's - staff at the school were already in touch with me through my social media activity and when the opportunity to speak to the students arose they really leapt upon it. I'm quite missionary with my visits to schools, passionately promoting the idea of wider reading for pleasure, but at St Mary's I really was preaching to the converted. It was wonderful to encounter staff and students alike who had a real love of literature - this can only help the pupils across all areas of the curriculum as they go forward through their school life and beyond.
Big thanks to Tony Higginson's Formby Books for supplying books on the day, and certainly looking forward to revisiting St Mary's some time in the new year. On that point, if any of you fancy having this wordling crayonboy visiting your school, please do get in touch. I've still got gaps in the calendar around World Book Day so give me a holler and let's make it happen.


Have a very splendid holiday season and a happy new year!

Bada Bling!

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