Friday, November 24, 2006


To celebrate my 100th post on badablingthing I've managed to dig out the painting that kickstarted my whole Biteneck Beatniks project. This was done about 2 years ago, acrylics on board, and probably measures in the region of 20" by 30". The moody young lady has sadly savaged her cuddly rabbit in said painting. It's been buried in the eaves of the house for so long I'd almost forgotten I had it. It's certainly interesting to compare it to the paintings that followed (which are all featured in the earliest posts in the archives of this blog).

Been busy this week hence the lack of postings. Got back from a trip to London yesterday evening where I met up with some lovely folk from Nickelodeon and Orchard/Hodder Books. Bizarrely, one of my earliest train journeys to London and Hodder resulted in me thinking up Frankenstein's Cat. Well, I thought of another story this time round on my way down and blow me but it appears that the same editor may want to commission it. Just gotta get it written up now.

Saturday, November 18, 2006



Beginning of the week saw me at Darlington Football Club on monday and tuesday, inspiring teenagers and school leavers (hopefully) to work in creative industries. The event's key note speaker was "TV'S KIRSTEN O'BRIEN" as she is known in the showbiz world. Smashing job she did too and as you can see she's returned to the BBC as a bonafide fan of the patchwork cat.


Wednesday and Thursday I was in Bradford doing workshop on character design. Many thanks to all the lovely guys and gals who attended the workshop - I can only apologise if I at any time wandered off topic, as I'd only had three hours sleep with a crying Scarlett the night before. Got to hold portfolio reviews afterwards which ended up lasting longer than the 2 1/2 hour workshop, but I didn't mind as the whole thing was great. Got to meet some lovely people including the divine Joanna Quinn, whose Oscar nominated films and Charmin ads from th telly are always a delight. I'm also possibly going to be doing some appearances at NEWI college in Wales (hi Jim!). Also a big hello to the lovely Kerry from Aardman! And thanks to all those other folk who stopped or hunted me down (Fin, I'm looking at you) to chat :-)


Saddened to see that OFCOM have banned certain foodstuffs being advertised within childrens TV in the UK. Whereas they SHOULD be going after the government to clamp down on fast food companies and what they're putting in their products, instead they're victimising us, tv programme producers. The result of this lost revenue means that homegrown British programming will disappear from commercial TV stations in the UK, and instead the channels will be swamped with imported foreign shows. In my opinion this will lead to poorer quality television for kids in the UK, a great shame when you consider British Children's TV History.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


OK, so this wee fella is possibly the last (for now) from the Bobified HELLBOY Universe. Everybody's favourite shellfish inspired wartime superhero, Lobster Johnson, brought onto the pages of this ere blog. Not sure who/what to do next but have a list of requests to rifle through - keep 'em coming! Also, if you do have a BPRD character that you think will work, lemme know. Am sure there are some folk who check in on this blog who haven't a clue as to who Hellboy or the other characters are (in fact, if that's the case, may I direct you to your nearest purveyor of fine comics and towards the collected works of Mike Mignola and Guy Davis... you will not be disappointed.)

Busy week ahead of me as Wednesday/Thursday I'm speaking and holding workshops as the UK's Bradford Animation Festival. Sounds like it's going to be a hoot so am looking forward to it, having not been to this particular festival before now.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


As promised, and possibly by popular demand, here is everyone's favourite fishman immortalised in Bobified glory, known to fans of Hellboy as Abe Sapien. See how I've cunningly changed his name via the magic of almost pre-school-esque play-on-words? I scare myself sometimes.......

Hope you all like him, and that includes any shadowy figures from the realm of Dark Horse who may be popping by for a looksee!

Bada Bling!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Following on from the Bob-A-Fett sketch, here's the next in what'll probably end up being a series of drawings I'll post on here. Hellboy has always been one of my favourite comics - like Walking Dead it's something I collect semi-religiously. Great stories accompanied by super artwork. Not that I'm claiming there's anything especially super in this doodle but hopefully it'll raise a snigger or two.

Mike Mignola. Jeeeeeeee-nee-us!